The Last Colony 1732


Georgia was the first colony to experience Prohibition

when in 1734/1735 the British Parliament passed an Act Prohibiting the importation and use of Rum and Brandies into the colony.

Georgia was the last of the thirteen original American colonies established by Great Britain. In 1735 “An Act to prevent the Importation and Use of Rum and Brandies in the Province of Georgia” became effected including that “no rum or brandy nor any other kind of spirits or strong waters by whatsoever name they are or may be distinguished shall be imported or brought ashore either by land or water in any shop or ships vessell or vessells whatsover or in any cart or cars carriage or carriages whatsoever either by man or horse into any port haven creek town village or other place whatsoever in the said province of Georgia from any country colony province place or port or whatsoever by any person or persons whatsoever either mixt or unmixt.” 

In the early days of American distilling it was all about Rum & Brandy, not yet Bourbon.

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