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Contact: Caroline Porsiel
Title: Founder, AMBRU Campaign

The AMBRU Campaign Sheds Light on the Historical Value of American Brandy and Rum and How Georgia Can Lead the Way in Reshaping its History

ATLANTA (Sept. 20, 2021) – Bourbon has long been known as the signature U.S. spirit. Its strong connections throughout the region have made it a household name in Southern homes. Despite its history, bourbon’s impact does not match the historic importance of American rum and brandy. A heritage intertwined so deeply within American culture; the U.S. might not have gained their independence in 1776. Today, the American Brandy and Rum (AMBRU) Campaign is committed to telling the story of these two drinks and how Georgia can lead the way in changing the public’s perception of the leading American spirits.

Commercial distilling of craft brandies and rum in North America dates back to the early 1630s for brandy, 1648 for rum. Both spirits, having deep roots in Georgia, were the first distillates. These distilleries were an act of rebuttal and defiance to Great Britain 40 years before the U.S., itself, declared its independence.

Although some of Georgia’s major exports are sugar canes, peaches and apples, brandy and rum still have their place. With the transfer out of state of the vineyards in Gilmer County, Atlanta makes an ideal host to informative and historical landmarks like, “An American Brandy Trail” or “An American Rum Trail.” Connecting the attractions to the state’s rich history can create economic value for Georgia, on a level that can surpass that which bourbon did for Kentucky.

“We truly believe American brandy and rum can create an economic success story for Georgia,” said Caroline Porsiel, founder, AMBRU campaign. “However; our campaign has a greater reach than Georgia, alone. Georgia has the historical significance to create a blueprint for other states to follow. Through this campaign, U.S. distillers can compete with high end brandies and rum internationally.”

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The American Brandy and American Rum Campaign (AMBRU) was founded on a friendship discussing U.S. American distilling heritage and today’s international trade politics. Our background though is not financed by corporations that are interested in securing sales worldwide. Rather, our campaign started with two friends that believe history matters, and that the fascinating history of American distilling needs to be told. To learn more, visit

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